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Day 6 of Recovery

Me&Isla- how our day consists

Day 5- There was slight swelling around my stitches, but I began cleaning the area with alcohol and Neosporin. Cleaning it seemed to help the healing.

Day 6- Still a little swelling & “hot” feeling around the area. Sleeping on my one side and stomach still. Started getting weird and sudden sharp pains, possibly my nerve endings trying to reform?! I’m trying to keep my diet in check, but I don’t have much of an appetite. I get frustrated about not being able to bend over or do any strenuous movement, and out of frustration I end up crying.  Like tonight, I wanted carrots from the bottom shelf, but with all my might I couldn’t get to them. I even tried using my feet, so I just didn’t eat. Probably not the best idea. Oh, and I’m tried of asking for help. Haven’t decided if I’m going back to work the rest of the week or not. I’ve already missed over half of it; what’s 2 more days? My boyfriend doesn’t think I need to go back until Monday, and people at work seem pretty petrified of my current state.

Out of Commision


I’m back, well kind of.

It’s been a while since I’ve started from the bottom (fitness wise), but once it’s all said and done I will be out of the gym for 6 weeks.

September 12 (2013) I had surgery to remove a Pilonidal Cyst (abscess) that has been bothering me for almost 3 years. They are usually a “dude” thing, because the cavity has a lot of infected hair. But my surgeon said, “You no very hairy,” -he’s foreign. So he thinks it was caused by blunt trauma, when I broke my tail bone a couple yrs ago. The picture above kind of spells out where the surgery took place. Sometimes with more severe cases they leave to wound open to heal, but they closes mine with 7 stiches on the inside and 10 on the outside.  I will have about a 5 1/2 inch scar on my back (super cute).  The surgery took about an hour, and I was “put under” for the whole thing.  As of right now (DAY 4), walking is getting better, I still can’t sit or recline very well, I can only sleep on my stomach and left side, I can not bend or squat. I am still on anti nausea and pain pills, but everyday is getting better.  I will hopefully return to work tomorrow, driving will be a pain in the ass…pun intended!

My family have been amazing, because the first 48 hours were pretty horrible.  A lot of pain, nausea, crying, etc.

I am back to record my recovery and path to be healthier than I was pre-surgery!

Where’s a website to learn more

Closing words-If you think you have a Pilonidal Cyst or know you do, take action now before it gets worse. I’m telling you it’s not fun, but the longer you wait the bigger it grows. My cyst was only an 1/2 inch wide on the surface, but I’m now left with a 5 1/2 inch incision.  

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